Kristiina J. Hurme   


I am a behavioral ecologist broadly interested in social behavior, vertebrate biology and tropical ecology. For my dissertation research I studied maternal care and tadpole schooling in the frog Leptodactylus insularum in Gamboa, Panama. For almost 2 years I followed adult frogs and tadpoles in the swamps, and I found that not all female frogs provide care, but that only tadpole schools that received this facultative care were able to survive to metamorphosis (Animal Behavior, in review). In addition, I documented the unusually rapid growth and development of these tadpoles, thereby adding to the paucity of natural history data on tropical frogs.

Kristiina J. Hurme, Ph.D.

Research Associate & Adjunct Faculty

Wells Lab

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

University of Connecticut

Storrs, CT 06269

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